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3 Ways to Hang a Clock..Without Nails

Hanging a Clock

3 Ways to Hang a Clock..Without Nails

Did you know there were more than 3 ways of hanging a clock? We’ve all got beautiful pictures, wall art, clocks and cool things we want to hang around our home. The fear is that we’re going to damage the wall in ways we can’t even imagine.

There are many workarounds to putting holes in the wall and these options will be explored shortly. If you are living in a rented home and the landlord disapproves of drilling holes into the wall, not to worry.

We will be exploring many mountable solutions, principally if you’ve just redecorated, drilling holes is the last thing wanted. These mountable recommendations are definitely going to work for you.

Let’s explore!

Hanging a Clock

#1  Picture Hanging Strips

Picture hanging strips require flat surfaces, this means that any holes, smudges or any other marks of any kind need to be removed or repaired.

These strips can be found at any office supply store or even online from websites such as Amazon. See here. 

Apply the strip to the back of the clock on the top, right, bottom and left sides when hanging a wall clock. This will ensure that there is strength from these strips that will hold the clock on the wall.

Then simply locate where you want to hang the clock (or any other item such as photo frames etc). Apply this to the wall and press it firmly to gain a grip on to the wall.

Picture Hanging Strip
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#2 Sticky Hooks or Nails

These are one of our favourite tools to use, sticky hooks or nails! Sticky hooks or nails are perfect for hanging a wall clock, it’s as though you have a nail but it’s a pad that is stick to the wall that is a hook.

To apply the sticky hooks, simply give the space you will be hanging the clock, a wipe down. It’s important to be aware that not all adhesive hanging equipment will work for everything, they all serve a different purpose. Be mindful be selecting yours.

Remove the liner that is on the back of the adhesive hook, firmly press for 30 seconds against the wall in your desired space to hang the clock. Wait approximately 1 hour for the adhesive to dry and then hang your clock!

See that? Hung it up in no time!

Adhesive Hook
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#3 Double-Sided Sticky Tape

Double sided sticky tape is the perfect tool in more cases than just one. It’s commonly used in creative artwork as well as DIY solutions.

Simply peel one side of the tape and then the opposite side. Stick this tape behind the clock or the photo frame that is desired to be hung up and press to the wall for 30 seconds.

This disadvantage of using such a product can often result in the stickiness wearing off and the clock or frame actually falling off the wall. It is a possible solution but there is a risk, we prefer to stick with Strip or the Hooks.

Double Sided Sticky Tape

We’ve talked about the 3 key ways to hang things up in your home without having to drill any holes or cause too much immediate damage to your walls.

Which one of these methods have you adapted to? Use #slps on Instagram for us to see or email your images to us here.

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