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Top 5 tips for getting the feng shui of your home right..#4 is our favourite

Cultivating Plants

Top 5 tips for getting the feng shui of your home right..#4 is our favourite

Finding a balance can be a challenging task. An uncommon thought that occurs when designing and decorating a home is the discovery of creating the perfect balance within the space. We are going learn to master and apply Feng Shui across your home to create the perfect zen.

Two types of flows can transpire through the building, positive flow and negative flow. In addition, finding the right balance and applying feng shui correctly can impact your home for the better or the worst. The Indian culture also has a similar way of thinking but for them, it is known as Vaastu.

Discover ways to apply these tips to your home. There’s no need for drastic changes if your home is already designed and decorated, small things work too.

Feng Shui

#1 Natural Light

Allowing natural light to enter your home can create wonders for the space that is there. In addition, can provide some major health benefits. Natural light can allow your home to breathe and feel more elegant with the light shining in.

As part of the star movement for the feng shui alignment 2019, it’s said that the natural light should shine brightly in the western part of the house. This can reduce depression and radiate positivity.

Architects and designers use natural light to create illusions of making space appear larger than it actually is. Allow the natural light to seep through the structure and increase the beauty of a space.

#2 Good Quality Air

Freshness is not a luxury, it’s a lifestyle. It’s up to you to keep the air around you clean. This includes taking out the trash on time and avoiding accumulations of it outside of your home. Dirty things attract bad energy.

On a healths perspective, disposing of trash should be a routine chore to carry out to avoid the infestation of pests.

In conjunction, for fresh sleep and prevention from illnesses, the position of your bed matters. Bed positioning plays a vital role in fresh sleep, beds should be located anywhere other than the North-East of the house. It should not be facing the north-east either.

Good Quality Air
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#3 Plants – #morelife

Plants need to be cultivated in the northern part of your home. This promotes balance and healing, reflects positive energy and adds a little more life to your environments.

Positioning plants can add a fresher feeling to your room, instilling freshness of your home brings you better comfort and a positive mood. This does not mean you should bring the whole of the outside, inside. Bring elegant, smaller plants for your living space and nurture them.

One of my favourite plants to have at home is Bonsai Trees. Bonsai trees demonstrate great discipline and they grow so beautifully.

Cultivating Plants

#4 Repair & Replace Broken or Damaged Items

Items that are positioned in the Eastern part of the house that is damaged or need repairing should be actioned quickly. Keeping things unsorted will only bring unwanted frustration to your home.

The celestial star is flying to the East in 2019, it enforces perseverance and boosts appreciate for your efforts that are made either in your professional or personal life.

Sooner you deal with the repair works, eg: squeaky pipes, damaged walls, broken doors etc. The better and more peaceful your home will be.

Repair Work

#5 Home Enterance

The prosperity star is flying to the centre of the palace in 2019. Keep the centre of your house clean and tidy and avoid clutter where possible.

This star promotes good luck and fortune, the entrance and the centre of your home should be kept clear where possible to bring in the positive vibrations of the prosperity star.


Try adopting these various tips of getting your feng shui right in your home and start to feel the difference. Bring positivity to your home, live in comfort and enjoy where you live. After all, our homes are our zen spaces.

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