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IKEA Guides Not Cutting It?

Handyman Van

IKEA Guides Not Cutting It?

South London Handyman services is designed to help you bring comfortability and ease. How many times have you tried to build your furniture from IKEA but things have gone wrong?

We all experience this at some point in time, our handyman services are designed to help you overcome this building defect.

Building furniture is not designed for everybody and often it takes longer than expected. This is not to say that the IKEA guides are useless but sometimes people just need a bit more help.

Have you ever tried to YouTube on how to build a piece of furniture you’ve purchased?

Building Furniture

#1 What is a handyman?

A handyman is a multi-skilled individual who works on general house repairs and various forms of maintenance. 

The services range from general house repairs, plumbing, painting, gardening, fencing and more. In most cases, teams need to be qualified to carry out certain works such as gas work and plumbing.

Our team at South London Property Services are equipped with all the tools required for the job. Furthermore, they’re qualified in their craft. Being awarded badges with verifiers such as GasSafe ensures safety for you and our team.

Require assistance from your local handyman?

#2 What can South London Handyman do for you?

With a broad range of capabilities, our team of professional handymen can help you put together furniture. Furthermore, we can also consult and advise on various changes and additions you can make to improve your home.



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