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3 Plants to improve your oxygen levels


3 Plants to improve your oxygen levels

Plants are the most underrated elements to have in your home. Some plants provide an incredible flow of oxygen naturally. You’re always considering the natural light, AC units etc.

But, are we considering how we can get a good flow of oxygen around our homes? In addition, I’m going to introduce you to three beautiful plants that you can place around your home, including your bedroom.

These increase the flow of oxygen naturally and they’re awesome just to have.

Areca Palm

#1 Areca Palm

Purchasing small areca palm are ideal. They usually grow and mature to around 6 to 7 feet tall. Buying a fully grown one can often result in a pricy plant but in either case, there’s no right or wrong.

Areca palm is quite tolerable for trimming, they’re one of the plants that can be trimmed without serious harm. This makes it a treat to have around your home. If you nurture this plant well, its life span could go up to 10 years.

Looking after plants can opt for good discipline and for some is a very therapeutic process. We’ve dealt with people who have plants in their working environment to help them relax and think better. How interesting right!

Do you have any in your place of work? I personally have a small Bonsai Tree. They’re absolutely beautiful to look at.

Areca Palm Plant

Areca Palm

South London Property-Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree

#2 Mother in Laws Tongue

Mother in laws tongue is a beautifully grown bit of nature. Most plants are hard work. This one does everything possible to sort out the humidity in your home. This helps your skin and eyes enjoy it too. 

In contrast, its superpower is that it converts poisonous substances into oxygen, the mother in laws tongue is a durable plant which makes it easy to take care of. Commonly the mother in laws tongue is a desert plant but its made its way into the living room creating a beautiful piece to have in your home. 

#3 Money Plant

Don’t be fooled by the name. This plant doesn’t actually grow money, even though we’ve heard the phrase “Does money grow on trees?”. 

There are two main types of money plants, The Jade, which is commonly referred to as the Money Plant and the Pachira Aquatica. In addition, the Pachira Aquatica is referred to as the money tree.

The feng shui money plants come from its well-rooted and vibrant energy. It’s known that the placement of this plant hopefully reflects on the growing energy in your bank balance.

The Jade is a beautiful plant to have in your home, with its vibrant colours and the positive energy that it bleeds into your home. Moreover, Its desired cause is to uplift moods and bring positive energy into your finances.

Learn more about the feng shui of your home.

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