Local Painter & Decorator | 6 Ways to Gain Inspiration for your Home
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Top 6 Ways to Gain Inspiration for your Home Decor

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Top 6 Ways to Gain Inspiration for your Home Decor

It can often be difficult to find a reliable local painter & decorator that understands your tastes. Understanding the type of environment you want to create for your home is important. Knowing how to do it is not important yet, but it is important to know what you want to create.

For example, I want to create an open space office. I’m starting to think of bright colours, soft tones to open up my mind and flow of thinking. So now that we know this, I can start looking at colours, furniture to match and flow with these colours.

There are many ways that you can research and discover new decor styles, paint colours for your walls and furniture. Bringing it all together is what really makes a difference.

We are going to search for ways where we can explore decor styles and create a mood board for your home. When it comes to sourcing your materials, with careful planning, you will realise how easy it actually is to compose this.

Local Painter & Decorator

#1 Planning The Room

South London Property Services offers Local Painter and Decorator services. A common point of the topic is that many clients can’t seem to get their heads around brainstorming ideas.

Yes, it’s not effectively your job if you’re hiring a decorator but with your ideas, you can assist the decorator to better understand what you want to achieve with an open mind. Collaboratively working!

The best way to plan is to, grab a pen and paper along with your tablet or computer. Then you will want to list down the rooms you want to work on.

Think about the dynamics of each room, what is its purpose? Eg. Your living room is a form of a chill-out space for when guests come, it’s also your entertainment room. Think about what is in there, bean bag chairs? sofa? TV and consoles? etc. Jot these down.

Once you have all your rooms provisionally planned out, it’s time to download one of the greatest apps of all time. Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy, we will walk through it together.

Paint Swatches

#2 Finding your inspiration

Now that you know what each room is going to be used for, we’re going to start deep diving into some amazing tools. You are about to be introduced to a world of inspiration you may have not known existed.

#2.1 Pinterest

There are many tools out there that can help you discover new ideas and inspire you. Pinterest comes at the heart of this. In the design world, everybody as first nature now refers to Pinterest for their inspiration.

Traditionally before platforms like Pinterest, interior designers used to keep stacks of magazines and snippets that inspired them. The designers would pull them from their archives at required times.

With Pinterest, you can create your own boards (Room Specific in this example) and the ‘Pin’ the ideas that you find to these specific boards. These can also be shared with your local decorators and painters to explore your ideas together.

How to use Pinterest

#2.2 Houzz

Unlike Pinterest, Houzz is designed specifically for Home Design, Decorating and Renovations and Kitchen & Bathroom Ideas.

How to use Houzz

#2.3 Instagram

Instagram is used for many different ideas and businesses these days, but it’s also a huge hub for inspiration. With people promoting their businesses and the latest products, the possibilities are endless.

To find what you are looking for on Instagram, it’s often a good idea to have a rough set of keywords to search. Based off these keywords, you will be exposed to loads of ideas with images and videos that you can bookmark for yourself.

You can even find people local to you using terms such as “local painter & decorator” or even “local interior designer” – This will start to populate results relevant to what you are looking for.

#2.4 Blogs

How many times on the internet have we searched about how to do certain things? LOADS OF TIMES! Similarly, blogs are powerful to understand in depth about someones perspective and opinion. For painters and decorators, they would typically be blogging about their projects or various ideas that are not often spoken about.

Here is a list of interior design bloggers you can view and gain inspiration from:

  1. Coco Kelley
  2. Decorilla Interior Design Blog
  3. Amber Interiors
  4. Cococozy
  5. Apartment Therapy

#2.5 Youtubers

Everything is on YouTube, that’s just a hard fact. With Youtubers, they have beautiful visual presentations about homes they have been working on, start to finish. With many designers, they often reflect on the choices that they have made for that particular space and why.

It’s important to observe this when watching these YouTubers because it will help more to think about how to think about specific problems and how to remedy them.

Top 5 Interior Design YouTubers:

  1. Studio Mcgee.
  2. House and Home.
  3. Three Birds Renovations.
  4. Emily Henderson.
  5. Apartment Therapy.

#2.6 Observation

Have you ever been to someone else’s house or restaurant and said, “WOW” about their interior? It’s remarkable how some houses are turned into a home with just the finer details. Simple things such as a plant can add so much character to an environment.

It’s important to keep this up as a habit to gain real-life inspiration, you may even want to take pictures of the places you visit.

Adapt to these 6 powerful tools to help you generate your mood boards and inspirations. There is no right or wrong. Your ideas are your form of creativity, use them to build the foundations to your thinking and then you can consult with either your local painters & decorators with your ideas.

South London Property Services and Maintenance offer experienced Painters, Decorators and Designers. We can help you put together a plan for a beautiful home. Turn your house into a home.

Local to South London? Consult with a Painter or Decorator
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