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Turn Your House into a Home

Turn Your House into a Home

What does it mean to turn your house into a home? What is the difference between a house and a home?

These are some interesting questions that pop up time to time in peoples minds. How do you differentiate the two? Well, A simple Google search what each of those is but what does it mean to you?

The simplest way to define it is as a house is the building you’re living in. But a home, a home is where the heart is.

In a home, families are developed and it’s a wonderful place of memories that are created by you.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts about your home.

Turn your house into a home

#1 Setting the Mood

It’s important to understand the type of mood you’re looking to create in your home. The first step to turning your house into a home means knowing the mood you want to create. This can be from a bright natural lit open space to a cosy little inn, if your house is a canvas, the possibilities become endless.

You need to start brainstorming some ideas about your home. For example, the style of the living room you want to create, is your kitchen going to have an island? A breakfast bar perhaps?

View The Top 6 Ways to Gain Inspiration for your House Decor.

The link above demonstrates various places you can search for inspiration and even create your own mood board. There are links that show you how to use powerful tools such as Pinterest and Houzz for this. (Beware, they’re super addictive)

Setting the mood

#2 The Little Things

It’s the little things that matter. Ever wonder why people have so many flowers, or photos or even plants around their house? Have you experienced a particular aroma that when you smell it, you know it’s your house?

This can range from having objects that represent various different meanings, it could even be dinner. Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cooking when walking into your home after a long day at work.

Find the little things that matter to you. In addition, there are various places you can look for slight more personalised items. Have you heard of Etsy? It’s perfect for thing’s like this, have a look around, see what you like.

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