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Smartening your home a pro!

Home Storage

Smartening your home a pro!

It’s no hidden secret that we all underutilise our home storage facilities. We¬†tendency to buy things to only end up storing them later. South London Property Services & Maintenance is going to show you some awesome examples and methods of utilising storage efficiently.

There are many ways when it comes to designing your home to integrate smart ways of storing your belongings. This can range from anywhere to staircase drawers, spice cabinets for the kitchen and sensible ways of integrating bookshelves.

Smartening your home storage doesn’t mean that you increase clutter and then hide them away, it involves clearing up the clutter and appropriately storing your things. See how you can be inspired by some of the examples that are listed on this blog and use them in your own home.

Home Stoage

#1 Smart Kitchen Storage

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Creating a suitable space where you can come in and cook like a pro is important, building a kitchen that works for you can really do wonders.

Designing a smart space for the kitchen can make your experience of cooking alone or even together much more pleasurable. It’s the small things that matter.

Have you ever experienced a shortage of cooking space? Or that the kitchen is too small and there just isn’t enough room? See this awesome addition you can make to your kitchen to enhance your workflow.

This addition is a tuck-away extension for cooking. Use it as a prep counter or a chopping space and then once you’re done, tuck it away. Note the additional drawer at the front where you can store your knives or grater too. How about that?

Room for the dishes

Storing your dishes is a big one, by default we’d like to think that the dishes go into the cupboard but there are of course alternative ideas to consider. To maximise the space in the kitchen for your pots and pans and various other materials, storing your dishes in a rack (as seen on the left) can always make for a better experience.

Ever had an argument with your partner saying that there just isn’t enough space? or that you need a new shelf? This could be that idea that you’re looking for.

Room for the spices

Spices are an essential part of our cooking, without them, where is the flavour? What kind of spices do you utilise when you’re cooking? When we are cooking for different cuisines, there are many different spices to consider, our collection gradually increase!

To keep your kitchen a tidy space to work, see the spice rack plus additional foods storage ideas. A beautifully create rack designed to keep things tucked away and organised in one space. Talk about efficiency right?

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#2 Shoes & Staircase Storage

One of the most underutilised spaces in your home is probably the shoe cupboard/staircase storage. How do you guys store your collection of shoes, scarfs, blankets and more?

Check out these incredible ways to utilise the home storage for the staircase. Organising your home and staying clear of clutter can exhaust a happier life at home, think about all the chores you can save by storing away your jackets, shoes etc into a cupboard?

#3 Bedroom Storage

A bedroom, the zen space for most people but also one of the most cluttered spaces for any individual in the home. Finding the optimal storage for your bedrooms can be difficult. We recommend at South London Property Services & Maintenance is keeping the structure simple but smart.

For a bedroom, there are many ways to set up your private study, storage of your folders, clothes, books and electronics. Organising the way you keep your room can prove to better your mood and actually know where your things are.

How many of you have ever been so sure something was supposed to be where you left it but found it somewhere else, like downstairs? We’re guilty of that. But, there is simply no need to be. See some the inspirations for better organisation techniques below.

Bedroom Storage 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3

#4 Bathroom Storage

Fun fact: Did you know some of the most creative ideas are formed in the bathroom? IT’S TOTALLY TRUE!

Creating a space within your bathroom is important to our way of thinking, having a smart way to position your shower gels, toothpaste, toilet paper and more can be so helpful.

Check out some of these great inspirations for bathroom storage.

These #4 tips can help you shape the dynamics of your home storage thinking when you’re planning to add something to your home consider how effective this addition will be. Could it be done in a different way to utilise the space better?

The overall idea would be to reduce the clutter and utilise your space in your home effectively and efficiently. For more information and inspiration, we encourage you to use tools such as Pinterest to find what may work for you.

Our team of professional can always consult with you and help you make a good decision. South London Property Services & Maintenance also offer handyman services that can help you put these things together properly too. Think we can help you?

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