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Smart Home TV Solutions – Tidy Space

Cable Management

Smart Home TV Solutions – Tidy Space

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What is a smart home?

A smart home is when your home is adapting to various sources of technology to automate certain processes. For example, technologies such as Alexa, Google Home demonstrate these things.

Smart homes can also emphasise on the care and tidiness of your home, especially when it comes to organising your media and chill out spaces. In this post, we’re going to establish different ways for you to tidy up your TV space, hide away your wiring and clean things up.

Our South London Handyman services specialise in assisting our customers to design and build cabinets. These cabinets are designed smartly to store away your kit and hide away your cabling.

Have you ever been so frustrated with loose wiring or thing’s hanging out from the side of your TV stand? We’ve all been there.

This post will explore various different techniques you can apply to an existing setup. Furthermore, discovering a solution that is custom built could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Smart Furniture

#1 Knowing what you have

The first thing to do is to understand the technology you have, how are you using it? How many remotes are there? 

Once you’ve discovered and decided on your technology, you can start to plan the furniture.

Are you looking to get a new kit for your home? Here is a reputable source that you can consult to design your technology for you. View Source

#2 Cable Trunking

Cable trunking is a powerful way to hide away and organise your cables. Using this and cable ties can create an organised system to manage your cabling. There’s no need to let it hang from the walls so to slip out from your TV stand.

Trunking is a fabric tube that allows you to pass the cabling through, ultimately creating a single run of tubing for all of your wiring.

If your home is being refurbished at this current moment in time, it’s always worth tucking your cabling away into the walls. Have you ever wondered where the cables go for TV’s that hang on the wall?

#3 Hidden Cable Management

This tip will only work if you’re refurbishing or are open to the idea of chasing cabling through the walls.

When refurbishing your home, it’s important to get the electricians or the Audio Visual team that is on your project. They will chase your cabling through the walls, this needs to happen when the walls are plastered.

Essentially, this will allow your cabling to be managed inside the walls leaving no trail of them on the hanging outside.

#4 What to expect from your furniture

Whether purchasing a ready-made solution or building a bespoke cabinet, there are a few things that you need to look for.

  1. Tidiness
    Ensuring that your gear is placed tidily will always help it’s servicing, maintenance and management. There are a lot of people who require service on their systems when they stop working but engineers always find it difficult to trace wiring etc. Keep the set up clean and it makes your life for cleaning it much simpler going forward.
  2. Ventilation
    The accumulation of dust can start becoming detrimental to your health, allowing the system to breathe can help reduce the amount of dust that it produces. Every system has a fan built in and when this gets clogged, the system starts to underperform or breaks down. Allow areas for ventilation will have better performance on your system.
  3. Mobility
    Technology is forever changing and consoles are always developing. Allowing your system to be mobile can benefit you in the long hall. For example, Sony has recently announced the PlayStation 5, you want to be in a position where you can simply unplug and replace the previous console.

These 4 tips are designed to help you improve your life at home, allow flexibility and comfortability with your technology. You do not need to hate it, embrace it and design it smartly.

South London Property Services & Maintenance can consult you and design an optimal solution for your media furniture. Get in touch with the team today and book a consultant for a site visit.

What are your systems like at the moment? What are you looking to improve? How can we help?

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