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How to tile – DIY

How to tile – DIY

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How to Tile – DIY like a pro


Learning how to tile has always come off to be quite a challenge for many people. Over recent years, DIYing has become a huge thing, it’s also quite therapeutic if you find your zen.

DIYing comes around for many reasons, some may find it quite expensive to call out a handyman. Others may find that it’s a skill that they want to pick up, change up their game a little.

Do you remember, back in the day, in the movies where the slightly older guys would spend a lot of time in their garage building or repairing something? Good times.

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Below, we have created a compact cheat sheet that will help you understand the process of tiling. You can save this cheat sheet and use it whenever you require. Eventually, with practice, this will become second nature to you.

Furthermore, we have an amazing video with simple and clear instructions created by the team at B&Q that will help you learn how to tile. It’s going to take a little time but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it. Use the cheat sheet and the video in parallel when you’re starting out. 

Materials can be bought from B&Q, Homebase or the equivalent. 

South London Property Services strives to be the number one property service company in London. Are you in need of some handyman help? Book a handyman below.

Tiling Cheat Sheet
Need a helping hand?
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