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Easy to Clean Kitchen | How to Design

Easy to clean kitchen thumnail

Easy to Clean Kitchen | How to Design

We all love our kitchens, agreed? It’s exciting when you are looking to cook or bake something special. The interesting part is, we hate cleaning up! In this article, we will discover some ways to design an easy to clean kitchen. With good organisation and the right choice in materials, you will develop an efficient way of working.

In the commercial world, kitchens are designed with stainless steel to preserve a healthy environment as well as clean surfaces.

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#1 Materials

For a kitchen, the materials that you use play an intricate part of the design. To design and develop a quality kitchen, you will need to use quality materials. This ranges from worktops to machinery to chairs and to the choice of the table cloth.

For homes, it’s common to have kitchen worktops to be granite, but this doesn’t mean that it is for everyone. To facilitate an easy to clean kitchen, there are a number of materials that you can consider. See the list below:

1. Granite. Granite is a highly popular stone choice for worktops.
2. Quartz. Quartz, although a man-made stone, has the durability of natural stone
3. Ceramic.
4. Glass.
5. Corian.
6. Wood.
7. Laminate.
8. Stainless Steel.

#2 Machinery

Depending on the style of kitchen you want, the integration of built-in microwaves, ovens and cabinets can really make a difference. The strength of your canopy plays a role in the cleanliness of your kitchen too. 

The purpose of the canopy is to take in the vapour of the cooking that is going on, this takes in the impurities and blows them straight out. This often results in having sticky walls, ceilings and unclean worktops too.

Choosing easy to clean machinery can help during the cleaning process, dishwashable equipment is helpful too.

There was a case where a beautiful kitchen was integrated into a home that had a heavy flow of cooking going on. A canopy wasn’t integrated into this kitchen and not too long after, the surfaces started getting sticky and attracting rodents to the environment. Consider the application and easy of clean when purchasing products of your kitchen.

#3 Paints and Tiling

Tiling is probably one of our favourite things to incorporate into a kitchen. Understanding how easy it is to clean and maintain makes life simpler. You have to be careful with the choices of tiles selected as well as the paint type used. 

Some paints are easy to wipe paints and others are not so much. Ask these questions when selecting your paints and tiles for your kitchen. Consult your local tiling company, decorators or even builders.

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