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Colours to Paint Walls | How to Choose


Colours to Paint Walls | How to Choose


Choosing which colours to paint walls can be a difficult task if you don’t have a plan. It’s important to understand the flow. Knowing what you’re trying to create is where it all begins, however, your choice in colours will reflect this. We need to create a plan.

Have you ever tried writing everything down in your notebook? Then quickly losing sight of what you’re trying to create. We will introduce a <em>free</em> but effective tool that you can use to help you project manage your refurb or decor.

Throughout this article, you will learn how to plan and manage your refurb as well as understand how to brainstorm your ideas.


#1 Creating a Moodboard

Creating a mood board comes well before even choosing which colours to paint walls. You need to plan and to brainstorm your ideas first. How are you planning to redecorate? Discovering which style works for your home is important, especially when it’s in communal areas where you’ll have friends and family.

We’re going to introduce various tools that can help you. Have you come across Pinterest before? See this post – you will find a guide to help you use it. 

Pinterest is a powerful tool that can help you research into various ideas that could work for your home. Or even adapt to different styles which you may not have thought about before. It’s a virtual decorator. Alternative you can research using Houzz. See More


#2 Kitchen Wall Paint

The kitchen is the heart of every home. See our article about this here. Your kitchen is supposed to welcoming and adapting to the influx of every mood. It’s a comfortable environment, families relax and chill out in this space.

A typical observation, compared to how kitchens used to be designed is slightly brighter and open planned. People are adapting to doing fancy things such has building islands for breakfast or a cool place to bring your iPads and laptops when having tea.

Kitchens can either be painted with bright tones or slightly warmer tones, you’d find it rare to have wild kitchen colours. Even in the hospitality business, kitchens are often kept bright. 

Here is the psychology behind it, it’s considered that being in open and bright environments can reflect and shift the dynamics of our thinking. Most creatives prefer it in brighter environments. 

What sort of feel are you looking to create? Let’s have a discussion in the comments.


#3 Bedroom Colours

The bedroom, a realm of its own. Our bedrooms are like our temples. Everything needs to be perfect in here, from the furniture to the study corner to the storage of your things.

Bedroom tones can vary significantly and it all comes down to the individual. A lot of people enjoy bright, beige tones in the room that embraces the natural light that pleasingly enters your room. Again, to reiterate, just like the kitchen, it enhances and sparks your creativity and emphasises on a clean feel. Complimenting it with a beautiful snake plant can help with fresh air and better sleep. Did you know: Snake plants are natural humidifiers. 

That is not to say you can not implicate darker tones in your room either, there really is no right and wrong to this. Consider each room in the face of the individual that is going to staying in there.


#4 Living Room Paint

Living rooms are a cool place to hang out, with decor on point. Having the perfect furniture tones that complement the paint and the objects you have around can help with the whole feng shui.

Living room tones can range anywhere between natural bricks, to brown, blue, white, beige tones. It’s an area that requires warmth and enhancement of comfort. Consider the type of furniture that is going to be there, will you have leather sofas? Will there be a fireplace?

Research using the tools provided to discover the feels you’re going to create.

#5 Project Management

On a day to day basis, we use and highly recommend a tool called TrelloTrello helps you create various different boards for different sections of your house or even create one for the whole project. Stay on top of your project by organising the painters, electricians, furniture orders and more. Pin it all down on the board. There is also an iPad and Mobile app that you can use on the go. 

Stay up to date with your project – Create your free account here

Even if you forget your notebook in a rush or have meetings with various different people, this app has you covered all the way across. You can even invite your project manager if you’re working on something on a larger scale. Keep everyone in the loop.

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