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5 Things You Need to Know Before Painting your House

Prepping your room for paint

5 Things You Need to Know Before Painting your House

Painting your house can often be reflected in a task that is impossible or just not worth doing, see how it can make a difference to your home.

Are you living in a home where white walls are no longer working for you? Painting is a task that most homeowners once settled in dislike. Would you have ever thought that a splash of painting can really turn around the atmosphere of your home?

Many people believe that painting your house is just the first step of getting the feng shui right. We totally agree. But, it sets the mood from turning your house into a beautifully decorated home.

The choices of colours can prominently change the mood of the design of your home, the options can either be bold or they can be soft backdrops to a quiet space.

However, there are 5 things you need to know before you paint your house that will make the job easier and it’s better to understand how it all works too. You never know, painting your own home can be therapeutic for you after reading this.

Here are 5 things you will discover about what you should know before you paint, this will turn that disliking feeling or unsettlement into a successful job, quickly.

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#1 How to prep your room for painting

It’s no hidden secret that when you’re looking to carry out a painting task, there are going to be so many things in your way. Consider your room like a blank canvas, clear the room out and it’ll begin to open your creativity.

If you are considering to paint your living room or a larger space, move all your larger furniture to the middle of your room and use a sheet to cover that, we wouldn’t want to start getting paint on your couches now, would we?

Regardless of if you have paint on the walls already or are looking at a blank plastered wall, it needs to be given a wipe, there is going to be dirt, oils and other forms of dust that has gathered up over time.

It’s also important to fill any holes that you might have from nails, hung frames as well as using masking tape to tape around any light switches, window trims etc.

Also, be sure to roll up any rugs if you have any or alternatively lay down some newspaper or sheets to cover the flooring.

Prepping your room for paint

#2 Sampling Colours before painting

You need to establish the feel that you’re trying to provide for that particular room, if it is a living room then you want to go for something warm and inviting. There is a psychology around why people choose various colours for different things, view here to understand more about colour psychology.

At first, it is difficult to determine how a colour would look on your walls, it’s recommended that you buy a set of sample colours to try out on your wall. Let it sit for a few hours and you’ll be able to determine how well it looks.

Use of swatches, do not solely rely on the swatches, you may feel as though it’s fantastic but once it’s applied, you may end up with a different story. Buy a few samples if you have to.

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#3 Reservations of colours

You want to use colours that add life to the room, we do not want to end up in a scenario where you’re painting your house and end up back with a dull feel. It’s always good to explore various colours whether they’re soft or they are bold.

Choosing darker colours can add texture and depth to your space, this becomes true when you’re in a large room with high ceilings. Be conscious about the room space, you could have a room with no windows which ultimately restricts natural lighting, you want to look at brighter and lighter colours for that, lighter tones really open up your space.

You could be thinking about your office at this point in time or even looking to create an office space. Brighter colours are great for workspaces, the brightness of colours lift moods and bring a new dynamic to your thinking.

#4 Primer

So what is this primer you speak of? Primer is a base layer of paint that allows your main colour to adhere to. The application of primer is important because if you applied the paint of your choice directly onto the wall, you will start to face shiny spots on the wall and this is going to be placed directly on the filler that was used to fill the holes initially.

It is certainly not the case that the primer will allow you to skip the steps of cleaning the wall before painting, it’s crucial that both of these steps have been applied for optimal results.

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#5 You’re on a ROLL

Now that we’ve covered all the prep work, it’s time to roll. At this stage, using quality rollers can affect your outcome from painting. Using cheap rollers can often cause bristles and strange textures across the wall.

Ensure that you have a clean roller and if you’re unsure, apply some tape to a stick or even your hand, then dab on the roller to make sure loose hairs and fibres are caught out.

BeforeĀ you start rolling, using a paintbrush and cover any difficult corners, again make sure you’ve got a clean and quality brush.

How were these top 5 tips for painting your house for you? These tips are just the few that will make your DIY painting experience better. Follow the 5 steps carefully and you’ll end up with extremely beautifully painted walls.

Do not rush into anything, read the tips carefully and take your time making sure you haven’t missed out on any steps.

Be sure to let us know of your outcome, do you have any pictures of your rooms after you painted them?

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