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Renting a Property – 5 Checks you should make

renting a property

Renting a Property – 5 Checks you should make

Renting a property can become a stressful process, there are many things tenants often forget to check before renting. In this article we’re going to go over the 5 checks you should make before committing to renting a place. Landlords tend to get away with a lot of things, we’ve spoken to people who have really cold water all the time or that the heating just stops working. Frustration levels can go very high, very quickly. You’re going to want to use these steps to make sure you find a property that is right for you.

Let’s see how we can implement these 5 top tips for the checks you should make when you go for a viewing. Are you looking to rent a property or buy a property with a friend? Be sure that your thinking is on the same level, share this article with them to gain further insight.

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#1 Exterior

Understanding your surroundings is important, it’s not always about what is on the inside. If you’re renting a property that is has a front garden or a back garden then you’re going to want to perform these checks as well.

• What is the condition of the exterior?

• Security, is the property secure? Check the windows and any external doors, how are the locks on the premises? Nowadays, given how technology is developing, there are a number of door-entry systems that can be integrated too. You’ll be able to see who is outside your home when the door rings, whether it’s a delivery man or the maintenance guy coming to check your gas metre. What is the area like? is it prone to burglaries?

• Is maintenance included for any gardens?

• What are the neighbours like in the area?

#2 Interior

This part is absolutely vital, at the end of the day, you’re going to be living in this property. There are various forms of interior checks that you can make whilst you’re at the viewing.

• Is the furniture in good condition?

• Are the windows double glazed? Can you been seen from the outside, inside?

• Heating

• Water pressures and flow

• Is there enough storage?

• Is the wiring safe? Make sure you’re not exposed to any dangling wires that can make the environment safe

• Does the toilet work properly?

• Are you allowed to redecorate?

• Are there enough electrical points?

• Are there enough telephone points, and an adequate space to set up your broadband?

• Is there good enough phone service coverage around the house?

#3 Safety

Ensuring adequate safety checks is important, after all, in a home that you’re paying, you want to feel safe. Here are some things that you can look out for that can ensure your safety in this home. If you feel as though certain elements are leaving you un-secure then you can always request changes from the landlord and prior to renting it, they have an obligation to ensure that safety measures are met for their tenants.

• Do the downstairs windows have locks?

• What is the lock like on the front door?

• Viewing the landlords gas safety record

• Is the premises fire safe?

• Are there enough smoke alarms around the house?

#4 Financials

The financials. In order to make sure you’re getting the right deal, you need to understand the financials. Here are some pointers you can follow and even ask when viewing the property you’re going to rent.

• What is included in the rent?

• What is the amount you have to put down as a deposit to the property?

• What are the conditions of the landlord deducting money from the deposit given?

• What are the estimated running costs of the property?

#5 Other Questions

If you have any other questions during the process of viewing, it’s important to get these questions out in the open and on the table. There’s never a need to be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the property. Usually, it’s good to always take someone who is a little experienced with properties to make sure that the right questions are asked and they may find something you didn’t think of. Asking smarter questions can indicate to the landlord that you’re serious and it will ease your process of renting a property too.

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