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Blocked Toilet? 3 Best ways to Unblock Toilet

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Blocked Toilet? 3 Best ways to Unblock Toilet

We’ve all been there, a blocked toilet can be a total nightmare. The unblocking process can often be worse! So what can we do? There are many methods that can be conducted to unblock a toilet, the best way is the easiest way.

There are solutions that exist out there that you can pour into the toilet and come back 20 minutes later then try to flush. One of the biggest mistakes people make is constantly trying to flush the blockage down. This will most likely lead to the waste pouring out of the toilet bowl. Don’t do that.

We’re going to explore 3 different and the most recommended ways to unblock a toilet.

Blocked Toilet - Thumbnail

#1 Dissolve the blockage


Dissolving the blockage can happen in a couple of different ways. As we are applying this for home use, we will be as practical as possible with the things around you. 

If you believe that blockage isn’t really that bad, try pouring hot water into the bowl. You can allow some height for this, wait around 2 minutes because you grab the plunger. If you didn’t get much luck from this method, you can try phase #2. Caustic Soda or Drain Cleaner.

#2 Caustic Soda / Drain Cleaner


Caustic Soda or Drain Cleaner are like goldmines and one of the most under anticipated ways of unblocking a toilet. Be warned: Caustic Soda can be highly dangerous, especially if it makes contact with your eyes. Be safe when using this, use gloves too. 

So how do you apply caustic soda? To apply, firstly take some hot water and let it soak through, then add the caustic soda to drain. After two minutes, flush down the drain again with hot water. You should start to see thing’s clearing up. If you do not, please contact your local plumber. South London Property Services offers a team of skilled plumbers so do get in touch with us.

Contact Us or Call us on 0208 944 5000

Make sure that your toilet bowl is vigorously cleaned after using caustic soda. The substance is dangerous. It should be kept out of reach from children at all costs.

#3 Hanger


Using a hanger is one of the most underrated ways to fix a blocked toilet. Simply get a wire hanger and bend it into an arched shape. Then use one of the curved edges of the hanger to unblock the drainage. 

If you have managed to get a flow going and the waste is passing through, you can now simplify the rest of this method by either using some baking soda or vinegar. Add this into the bowl and wait to minutes. Attempt to flush the toilet again. You should have that cleared away pretty quickly.

Remember to dispose of any hangers, bags etc that are used in this process for sanitary purposes.

If you are still facing problems with a blocked toilet, then please contact us:

Contact Us or Call us on 0208 944 5000

Attempted the 3 steps above but still need help?
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